10-Day Close!*

We make it simple to close fast!

Can we really close in 10 days? You bet we can! With our industry-leading tech, amazing support team and top-notch customer service, we're so confident we can get qualified candidates closed in 10 days, we'll give you a $250 closing credit if we don't get it done!*


Planning & Process

The 10-Day Timeline

  • 009-agreement
    Day 1

    Executed contract sent to all parties. Initial disclosures signed.

  • File tranfer
    Day 2

    Loan file moved to processing. Processor reviews for any additional information needed.

  • Config
    Day 3

    Processing continued.

  • File setting
    Day 4

    File submitted to Underwriting.

  • Check mark
    Day 5

    Conditional underwriting approval. File moved to closing.

  • inbox
    Day 6

    Processor works with borrower to satisfy loan conditions.

  • Tranfer file
    Day 7

    CD sent to borrower for signature. Completed appraisal received.

  • Tranfer
    Day 8

    File submitted back to Underwriting for Final Loan Approval.

  • Home
    Day 9

    Clear to Close!

  • Quality
    Day 10


10-Day Close Loan Needs


Signed application, disclosures, & contract.


W-2's for most recent two years.


Property located in qualifying area*


Authorization to order automated verification of assets.


Authorization for us to order an appraisal.

035-credit card

Payment of appraisal fee.

*The Network Funding 10 day close is for a purchase loan, primary single-family residence, non-condo, in a metropolitan area where an appraisal may be obtained within 72 hours, a borrower(s) who is a W2 employee (not deemed to be self-employed and does not receive commissions that exceed 25% of total income) and provides acceptable W2s for the past two years and pay stubs for the past month, to satisfy program requirements for employment and income. The 10 business days start once all preliminary documentation has been received, and the loan application and required disclosures are signed and returned and the appraisal is paid. Holidays and weekends do not count as a business day. In order to close your loan in 10 business days we must first obtain the following on qualifying conventional and FHA loan products*: (1) a credit score that qualifies you for the loan program, (2) your authorization to obtain, and our ability to order automated verification of your assets and income from an automated verification system, (3) all required documents from you as requested by the Company within 8 business hours as approval condition requests are communicated to you (orally or in writing), (4) receipt of an acceptable appraisal to the Company within 4 business days of your application, (5) the seller must be willing and able to close within 14 days, (6) all required disclosures and closing documents must be timely and properly executed, and (7) you must consent to receive and e-sign all documents electronically. The guarantee does not apply if events occur beyond the control of Network Funding, including but not limited to: appraised value not met, escrow or title delays, 2nd lien holder approval, short sale approval, or lender conditions that cannot be met. If Network Funding otherwise fails to perform a credit of $250 will be applied toward your closing costs when we close on your loan. Network Funding, L.P.’s maximum liability is limited to a $250 closing cost credit.

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You deserve a lender you can trust.

What we belive about your loan:

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We believe the best way to build trust is to operate according to our principles.



We believe homes are for people, not just profit. That's why we are dedicated to finding the right loan for you: one that empowers you and doesn't compromise your financial health.



We believe in doing the right thing, even when it's hard. That's why we consistently strive to put our values first; we know this is key to establishing your trust in us.

You deserve a lender you can count on.

What we believe about your loan:



We're serious about pre-qualifications and closing dates. When you say you're pre-qualified, we mean it.* when it comes to closing on your home, we work diligently to ensure it's on time.



We give you the confidence you need by giving our loan officers direct access to all our behind-the-scenes staff. This means your loan has a personal representative from start to finish.

anchor, ship, d


We believe in doing the right thing, even when it's hard. That's why we consistently strive to put our values first; we know this is key to establishing your trust in us.

You deserve a lender you can understand.

What we believe about your loan:



We coach you through every step of the loan process, because we're committed to your education and understanding.



We do the hard work for you; our job is to make the loan process as easy as possible for you.



We empower you. with the tools you need to make informed decisions throughout the loan process.


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038-thumbs up

"Working with Marcos was a great experience and a seamless process. Using his portal to share supporting documents made communication and responses easy to provide. He was quick to respond to any questions I had about the process or underwriter requests, and he made sure we were approved on time. I highly recommend Marcos for your next mortgage!"

Shelley from Pearland, TX
Seamless Process
038-thumbs up

"Marcos is a highly experienced and good lender that supports buyers within every step of the way purchasing a house/home. He responds on time even at weekends or whenever you need him. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends."

Nathan from Houston, TX
It was such a great experience to work with Marcos as a first time home buyer.
038-thumbs up

"Marcos & team were wonderful to work with. As we were in the process of buying our first home, he was always willing to answer questions and explain the process to us. He went above and beyond and was always responsive, especially when we needed a pre-approval letter to make a quick offer which he was able to provide to us on a Sunday evening. We can't thank him and his team enough, because I don't believe we would have been able to purchase the home we did without his team's quick assistance. Thank you!"

Elissa from Katy, TX
Excellent Service
038-thumbs up

"Marcos really made our experience enjoyable. Before working with Marcos, I had worked 4-5 different lenders. As a matter of fact, I was pretty far along with one lender when Marcos started listening to our concerns. It's like Marcos speaks human when the rest of the industry speaks numbers. Now I enjoy numbers like the rest of them but Marcos worked past the numbers and focused on what we really needed. The technology used to gather information was excellent. I recall a point where we hit an obstacle working with Marcos, and he responded with 'I haven't missed a closing yet, not going to start now'. Two weeks later, we closed."

Christopher from Houston, TX
Cypress bound
038-thumbs up

"Marcos was very responsive to all the complications that occurred during our closing process. He was dependable to make the process as easy as possible."

Brandon from Richmond, TX
Great Experience
038-thumbs up

"Marcos helped me a lot during the process and he was always available and quick to give me the information I needed. Highly highly recommended."

Daniele from Houston, TX
Very Happy
038-thumbs up

"For every question, and we had plenty, Marcos was always available to answer them. He made the process smooth and easy, offering multiple loan options to make the best choice for us. Thank you Marcos! This won’t be our last purchase. You’ll hear from us again!"

Carlos from San Antonio, TX
Complex Process Simplified
038-thumbs up

"I had a very positive experience working with Marcos Maya and his team at Triumph Lending! Marcos had a very organized process which facilitated an effective and efficient loan closing! Marcos was very receptive to all questions and was expeditious in his responses! The rates were good as well! I highly recommend using Marcos Maya with Triumph Lending for loans. Keep up the great work!"

Mike from Katy, TX
Marcos Maya had a very Effective and Efficient process! Keep up the Great Work!
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